ApplicationĀ Apparel

To succeed in the global market, your textiles have to have the right look, feel, and performance attributes. AMG TPU film can be formulated and processed to impart desired characteristics to the laminated textile.

AMG offers three different categories of advanced technical films for laminating fabrics and creating high-performance apparel. Whether it be additional protection, enhanced aesthetics, or increased performance, AMG has just the right film to do the job.

  • Add waterproof and breathability functionality to garments.
  • Create a special look and texture with multi-layered fabric lamination.
  • Produce functional textiles with general fabric lamination.
  • Seal seams for more support and enhanced elasticity.
  • Attach labels and emblems to fabrics, or bond multiple fabrics.

TPU films are highly extensible, soft and easily draped making them very useful when improving the performance of all types of textiles.

As a hot melt adhesive they are excellent for combining dissimilar materials and can be used to provide fire retardancy, anti static, waterproof and breathable membranes.

TPU films are proven to withstand industrial washing cycles and dry cleaning.

$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard
$5.5$7.0 /kg