Applications Automotive

AMG TPU has a long and successful history as a supplier to the automotive and transportation industry.

AMG TPU films can be used in a wide range of automotive applications, including exterior and interior surfaces, windows, parts, and components. In addition to providing protection for the car, AMG technical films also enhance an automobile’s aesthetics while making maintenance easier.

  • Add soundproofing and shockproofing, as well as padding for seats
  • Protect exterior surfaces from abrasion
  • Add style and design to interior surfaces, including panels, wall, and seats
  • Cover up stitches or use for “no-sew” applications

AMG TPU films have been helping vehicle designers reduce weight, improve fuel consumption, and reduce emissions for some time.

In a highly competitive market where design is driven increasingly by environmental considerations, demanding quality standards and innovative design, Tuftane TPU films offer excellent value due to their recyclability and durability in terms of general strength and resistance to petroleum based chemicals.