Applications Medical

Medical technology places stringent demands on materials and with respect to hygiene, service life and durability. In numerous applications, we satisfy these demands with our films. Our high-tech materials are used in everything from diagnostics and surgical applications to patient care, laboratories and patient data management.

AMG offers medical-grade technical films that are ideal for medical and healthcare applications that require hygienic and anti-microbial solutions. Our medical films are highly breathable, very durable, and highly resistant to contamination.

  • Use as a breathable and anti-microbial material for mattress covers
  • Use in bandages and dressings for better wound management (by absorbing fluids without drying out skin)
  • Use as a durable and hygienic material for bandages, surgical drapes, medical devices, and inflatable medical mattresses

TPU film can offer favourable evaluations in terms of biocompatibility for medical device applications.

TPU films can offer excellent resistance to the growth of fungi and bacteria, and can be combined with advanced additive technology to resist the growth of microbials such as MRSA (S. Aureus) and E coli.

TPU films can be sterilised by either gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide.

The range of films includes clear,  translucent, opaque, and colour matched or tinted to meet individual preferences.