Applications Graphics & Labels

Graphical applications have long become a successful area of application for AMG brand polycarbonate films. These include for example advertising panels, signs, labels, displays, membrane switches with symbols and control panels with capacitive switches.

Accurate printing

AMG brand TPU Film can be printed economically, in most cases even in short runs, with easily legible information by means of a screen, offset and digital printing. These engineered films are used in a variety of markets including automotive, appliance, cards, (security and smart cards), medical, nameplate and labels, packaging, point-of-purchase (including signage), telecommunications and other handheld electronics.

With transparent AMG TPU Film, the back of the film can also be used in order to protect the printed symbols, logos and characters from abrasion and scratching. We are constantly delivering product innovations for the graphics market segment. One current example is hard-coat high-gloss films with excellent scratch, abrasion and UV resistance. These films are also very resistant to common, everyday chemicals.