TPU Medical treatment Film

AMGTPU is proud to offer Antimicrobial Medical Polyurethane Film. We manufacture this specialty product as an unsupported film on rolls. From this form, the film can have adhesive and liner applied or can be die cut to specification. The antimicrobial additive is compatible with all of our resins, so we are able to offer antimicrobial grades of several of our most popular films. Our Antimicrobial Film also performs well in laminations, medical applications, and athletic apparel. This film is available from 1 mil and in widths up to 78 inches.

Applications for our new Antimicrobial TPU Polyurethane Film include:

1.Breathable Wound Dressing

2.Surgical Gloves


4.Operating Room Drapes

5.Hospital Mattresses

6.Hospital Sheets and Pads

7.Medical Bags


9.Organ Retrieval Bags

10.Various Medical Device