Polyester-based TPU

Polyester Polyurethane offers excellent strength and long-term stability.  When heated, Polyester Polyurethane acts as an adhesive and can be used for emblems in industrial laundry, textile labeling, and ID systems applications.  It can also be used as a protective layer to prevent the scratching of delicate parts in metal bending and machine shop applications.

High Tensile Strength
Highly Puncture Resistant
Endures High Abrasion Environments
Performs Well in Contact with Fuels or Solvents
Excellent Heat-Activated Adhesive
Ultrasonic & Radio Frequency Weldable
Excellent for Use in Helium Containment

Aromatic Polyesters function extremely well in demanding, abrasive environments. Aromatic Polyesters offer high tensile strength and abrasion resistance and function well in contact with fuels.  Polyester films are also used in multi-layer laminations as an adhesive layer or a barrier layer.  They can also be used as a food-grade cover in multiple applications, including conveyor belting.  Aromatic Polyester ages better than other Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, but unlike Aromatic Polyether, it will eventually break down in high-humidity environments.

See our Applications pages for a partial list of practical uses for our Polyurethane Film.