Polyether-based TPU

Aromatic Polyethers function very well in applications requiring direct contact with human skin. Offering a high resistance to skin oils, Polyethers have high Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTR), maintain their flexibility in low-temperature environments, and can withstand prolonged exposure to high-humidity environments without degradation. Polyethers weld easily has a softer non-plastic feel, and will not support fungal growth. Very often Polyether Films are used in multi-layer laminations as an adhesive layer or a barrier layer.

Polyether-based TPU has following characteristics:

1. Fungus Resistance

2. Low-temperature flexibility

3. Excellent hydrolytic stability

4. Resistance to Weak Acids/Bases

5. Recommended for applications undergoing medium to high stress

6. Burst Pressure Resistance: About the same as Ester based tubing

7. Polyether-based polyurethanes remain stable in water as warm as 50℃ (122℉) for long periods. Not recommended for running water over 70℃ (158℉). Water absorption is a very low 0.3% to 1% by weight, and volume swell is negligible.

8. Demonstrate better durability than Ester material based products (around 5 years, versus the 3 years shelf life of Polyester based products, i.e. tubing)

9. Generally more expensive than Polyester based material

10. Moisture resistance for pneumatic application