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TPU Coated Nylon Fabric

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) Coating Nylon Fabrics is made of inner rubber layer, fabric reinforced layer and outer rubber layer. Fabric reinforced layer is woven by Nylon fiber. Inner and outer rubber layers are formed from the double-face coated thermoplastic polyurethane on the fabric reinforced layer.

    • 40D Ripstop TPU Coated Nylon Fabric is the fabric you can use in a various range of applications which include making all kinds of kites, banners, flags, light sport bags, stuff bags, tarp, protection & cover products, and many other creative projects.
    • Ripstop TPU Nylon Fabric is measures 59 inch Width, 39 inch Length, Lightweight, high strength ,1.76Oz/50g per piece.
    • 1 square meter (39”x59”) x 8 pcs (1 color 1 piece), Ripstop Nylon Fabric pre-cut, folded, maintenance: Wash in cold and warm water and Line dry.
    • TPU (polyurethane) COATING is applied for enhanced waterproofing, softness, UV resistance and durability.

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$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard