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TPU Film Lamination

Known for its consistency, AMGTPU extrudes the highest quality, most dependable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) waterproof breathable films in the industry. The versatile and durable TPU films and sheet are used for bonding fabric, waterproofing, and air or liquid containment applications. AMGTPU offers a full line of high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane breathable and waterproof films for just about any textile lamination application.

The super thin and hydrophilic TPU films and sheet are ideally suited for lamination to fabrics. Designers can create cost-effective waterproof breathable textile composites in a single film-to-fabric lamination. The material offers outstanding breathability for user comfort. The protective textile films and sheet add puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance to fabrics to which they are bonded. When multiple layers of the films are laminated together they create super-strong, impact resistant textile composites.

AMGTPU provides overall consistency, batch to batch recipe control, and uniform thickness monitored by digital in-line gauge control and cleanness for superior quality. The AMGTPU breathable films are easy to process, and lay-flat to minimize voids and bubbles for efficient lamination and cost-effective waterproof breathability. The quality and high performance of the films extend the life of the application and make them an ideal polyurethane material solution.