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TPU Laminated fabric

TPU Laminated fabric is compositing TPU film on different kinds of fabric , combining fabric (Nylon, Polyester) with TPU film characteristic to become a new type fabric.

Two methods to compound TPU laminated fabrics. One is TPU film laminating: TPU film is laminated to fabric, the other one is casting: TPU will be flowed directly to fabric,and it can make patterns on surface.

TPU can be laminated on other materials such as 3D electroplating film, Nylon6 film, mesh materials, Polyester film…etc, which need waterproof resistance to water pressure (W.P.R.) 10,000mmH2O and above and moisture vapor transmission (M.V.T.) to 1,500 – 14,000 g/m day (ASTM #96BW) and above.

Application: Garments, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Automotive, Medical Support, Hospital/Prison/Jail Mattress, Wheelchair Pads, Surgical Drapes, Airships…etc.

TPU laminated fabrics are custom-engineered and are made to fit the specific requirements of customer’s projects. Please contact us at  (086)132-6582-6189 for details and additional informations.

$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard