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TPU Textile

Width: 40″ – 60″
Thickness: 0.02mm – 2.0mm
Length: Packed in 30yards – 200 yards
Washing: TPU Textile are washable in water temperature 40ºC to 70ºC.
Lamination: Any kind of fabrics can be laminated either single or double-side.

Special Laminated Products:

TPU can be laminated on other materials such as 3D electroplating film, Nylon6 film, mesh materials, Polyester Fabric, Textile…etc, which need waterproof resistance to water pressure (W.P.R.) 10,000mmH2O and above and moisture vapor transmission (M.V.T.) to 1,500 – 14,000 g/m day (ASTM #96BW) and above.

Application: Garments, Sporting Goods, Furniture, Automotive, Medical Support, Hospital/Prison/Jail Mattress, Wheelchair Pads, Surgical Drapes, Airships…etc.