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Waterproof TPU Fabric

Made of nylon and double sided coated TPU film, so it is waterproof. TPU Coating has fabric stretch less. Even after intense uses, the fabric will retain its shape.Feel soft and the square structure is very visible.

Suitable for Craft Work, Pet clothing, covers, gazebo panels, clothing, bags, banners and bunting and much more.

Waterproof TPU Fabric are suitable for:

• Awnings, Advertising Banner. Aprons
• Backpack, Barrier Cloth, Boat Covers, Blood Pressure Cuffs
• Camping Mattress
• Diving Suits, Dry Bags .
• Inflatable vest and Boats , Balloon.
• Life vests and Rafts.
• Mattress
• Raincoat, Shower Curtain .
• Seam Sealing Tape
• Tarpaulin, Trolley

$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard
$6.0$15.0 /yard