TPU Film

AMG brand TPU film can be used as a standalone or composite material to impart a range of value-added properties to your products, increasing performance and perception. The advantages of polyurethane film are well recognized and sought after across a wide range of industries.

AMG thermoplastic polyurethane films are both highly flexible and tear resistant, even at very thin gauges. Certain films in thin gauges are used to laminate composites, such as wound dressings. Others at significantly heavier gauges are instrumental in the construction of bullet resistant glass. In many varied applications, polyurethane film performs better than alternative materials under the most demanding physical and chemical conditions.

Additionally, AMG clear film can replace vinyl, rubber, and other elastomers in applications that require low-temperature flexibility, UV stability, and tensile properties, as well as resistance to chemicals, moisture, and abrasion.

At AMG, our array of process and formulation technologies can provide advantages for many manufacturing and convert applications by enabling us to custom engineer into your film a range of properties, including:

Gauges and widths
Surface textures
Lubricant and anti-block technologies
Supported on carrier